South Korea reports rise in wild boar infected with African swine fever

South Korean authorities confirmed that six more wild boar infected with African swine fever (ASF) had been found near the North Korean border.


The Pig Site

12 February 2020


According to a report by South Korean Yonhap News Agency, the new cases bring the total number of infected animals in South Korea up to 183.


Clinical tests performed by the National Institute of Environmental Research during post-mortem inspections of the boar confirmed the presence of the virus.


The carcasses were disposed of officially along with all contaminated material. Officials are focused on control of vectors of the disease in the wild, which includes wild boar and soft-bodied ticks.


The first case in South Korea was confirmed in September at a pig farm in Paju, less than four months after North Korea’s first outbreaks.


No new cases have been reported at in domestic pigs or in farms in South Korea since 10 October, but infected wild boars continue to be found. More than a third of infected boar found dead were discovered inside Paju city-limits, according to data from the National Institute of Environmental Research.


Clinical signs of African swine fever ...