Impossible Foods counters Super Bowl anti plant-based ‘meat’ commercial with cheeky parody


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13th February 2020


Impossible Foods has filmed a hilarious spoof video to respond to Super Bowl’s ad that claims plant-based beef contains chemical laxatives.


 It all started with The Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) running an ad targeting plant-based “meat”.


According to CCF, the Super Bowl 2020 ad is meant to educate viewers that plant-based meat is not natural and is laden with chemical ingredients.


In the commercial, a spelling bee contestant is tasked with spelling ‘methylcellulose’, which the girl fails to comprehend.


The moderator explains methylcellulose is “a chemical laxative that is also used in synthetic meat” taking a jibe at plant-based meat patties that use the ingredient as a thickening and texture agent.


A narrative then states: “You might need a PhD to understand what’s in synthetic meat.


“Fake bacon and burgers can have dozens of chemical ingredients. If you can’t spell it or pronounce it, maybe you shouldn’t be eating it.”


Spoof Impossible Foods Video


To counter the video, the Impossible Foods team filmed an in-house parody with the CEO Pat Brown playing the spelling bee moderator.


In the video, he asks a contestant to spell “poop.”


He then goes on to give an elaborate description, “Poop. … The stinky brown stuff that comes out of your butt. Poop is a mixture of incompletely digested food and billions of bacteria, expelled from the bowels of animals. There’s lots of poop in the places where pigs and cows and chickens are killed and chopped to bits to make meat. And there’s poop in the ground beef we make from cows. Poop.”


The video ends with a cheeky retort: “Just because a kid can spell poop, doesn’t mean you or your kids should be eating it.”


Clarifying the reason the team filmed a video, Impossible Foods’ chief communications officer Rachel Konrad said: “They did such a lame, dopey, sad job with such an easy-to-parody script.


“So we thought we’d have a little bit of fun with it.”


The parody video has been viewed around  22,070 on YouTube.


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