Pork leader predicts trade deals will be big for Missouri producers (AUDIO)


By Brian Hauswirth, MissouriNet

February 11, 2020


About 1,000 people from across the state have traveled to Columbia for the 2020 Missouri Pork Expo, which wraps up Wednesday afternoon. Missouri Pork Association (MPA) Executive Vice President Don Nikodim notes the state’s pork industry continues to grow. He says it contributes about $1.6 billion annually to the state’s economy.


“We’re seeing a considerable amount of growth across the board here in Missouri, have for the last several years,” Nikodim says. “I know there’s a lot of production facilities slated to be built.”


Nikodim says recent trade agreements are an opportunity for growth in the state’s pork industry. The theme of this year’s conference at the Holiday Inn Executive Center is “Competing Globally.”


“I think one trade agreement that didn’t get as much attention as maybe it should have is the Japan trade agreement. It’s really big for our industry,” says Nikodim.


Nikodim is also excited about USMCA, which is the free trade agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada.


He notes the China agreement is in the early stages. He notes China is dealing with the coronavirus, and that there are huge problems in China with dock workers.


Closer to home, Nikodim says flooding this past year has impacted some of his producers across the state.


“Some of the farms in the (river) bottoms, it’s been a real hassle for them,” Nikodim says. “We have a few producers that do that, and it was just a tough year on the crop guys that had to be engaged in that.”


Despite flooding, Nikodim says there has been a good corn crop and ample feed supply for Missouri pork producers.


Nikodim is also pleased that...


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