Walmart Sees 2.7 Pct Bump In Sales In Mexico



February 11, 2020


Walmart de Mexico’s sales are looking up, with a 2.7 percent increase at stores open for more than a year over the same time last year, according to Reuters on Monday (Feb.10).


The company, sometimes known as Walmex, is Mexico’s biggest retailer and said its total sales had jumped 4.2 percent since last year.


Walmart opened 214 stores in Mexico in 2013. That was its largest market with over 3,400 stores, and more than any other non-U.S. country. Last year, it opened another 134 stores in Mexico and increased its footprint there by around 5 percent. Most of the new stores are part of the Bodega Aurerra chain, which offers more discounts.


Bodega Aurerra is Walmart’s attempt to keep up with rivals offering simpler marketplaces.


Gabriela Buenrostro Ortega, a spokesperson for the company in that region, said the expansions would allow Walmart to keep offering the best possible prices for Mexican families and to continue working for the welfare of the people. She said the expansion of stores would also allow them to provide thousands of new jobs for people there.


They also opened 27 additional stores in Central America last year.


However, Walmart ran into trouble last year when...