Problem Solvers Investigation: Hog farm polluting landowner's creek


By: Erin Conrad, KJRH Channel 2 Tulsa (OK)

Feb 10, 2020


"They've got me backed up to the wall." Boyd Louderback tells 2 Works for you.


Louderback is a property owner in Hughes county is fed up with the hog farm across the street.


He says the property constantly floods with waste then drains onto his land.


The property is in Carson, Oklahoma just outside Dustin.


The town is so small, it's not even on the map.


It's an area just southwest of Dustin and north of Lamar in Hughes county.


In Carson you'll find sprawling pastures full of livestock and hardworking folks like Louderback.


"This was all nothing but brush when I bought it. So I always wanted it, I was raised on a place, we always had cows so." Says Louderback.


Carson is also home to a large hog farm just across the street from Louderback's property.


"You can smell it so bad on the evenings sometimes you can't even come outside." says Louderback.


He says the hog waste runs off from the property and right into his creek turning the water black.


"The cows have to drink and I try to calve up here and lock them up front but I can't because I can't have them drink out of that creek all the time." says Louderback.


Louderback tells us he is fed up and he's ready to throw away thirteen years of working his land just to get away from the problem.


"Sell it, get it out. Get out of here. I mean after all the work we've put in here and i don't know if it's ever going to get any better." says Louderback.


"I mean it just makes no sense at all. We tried being a neighbor but they just don't care about being a neighbor. They just want to get the sludge off and get the waste out of their dam and if they flood their place and flood our creeks it's fine with them." he tells us.


Louderback has been trying to get something done for years.


He sent us documents showing communication about the issue with attorneys and the Oklahoma State department of Agriculture.


He tells us he's even talked with one of the property owners in person but the problem continues.


"It's not just me who knows it." says Louderback.


Louderback's neighbor, Rick Bishop stopped to talk to us along the road in Carson.


"And they have had it running from that hill right up there to here and then down about halfway to the corner down there. They've had hog waste running this way also and that's been pretty common." Bishop tells us.


"They don't take care of it like they should. There's constant overflow like this." he says.


Louderback felt like nothing was being done, so he called the Problem Solvers here at 2 Works for you.


"You're the only ones that I know of that will help." Louderback tells us.


During our investigation we found...