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·         Sanderson Farms Evacuated

·         Voluntary evacuation in Cook County due to silo fire

·         UPDATE: Evacuation near Sanderson Farms lifted



Sanderson Farms Evacuated


Valdosta Today (GA)

February 9, 2020


ADEL, Ga. – Sanderson Farm’s Feed Mill has been evacuated after recent events, according to a post on Facebook from the City of Adel’s Fire Department.


The mill is located at 3140 JM Drive.


According to the Cook County EMA:


There is a smoldering fire in one of the bins at Sanderson Farms facility. By Sanderson Farms policy, all personnel were evacuated from the facility. A specialized team contracted by Sanderson Farms is enroute to the facility to mitigate the situation. The evacuation area is a precautionary measure until a full assessment is made by the response team.


1149am update- we will have more information to fully update everyone shortly. We are gathering details from plant officials to give the correct information properly. Please be patient as we continue to assess what is going on and we will update everyone soon.


“Due to am emergency situation at Sanderson Farms on JM Drive in Adel, We are implementing a VOLUNTARY 1 mile evacuation at this time. We are setting up a comfort station at the Cook Middle School for anyone that needs somewhere to go. Its located at 1601 North Elm Street in Adel.


“A team is enroute to evaluate the situation. We will advise once more information is available.”


A code red voluntary evacuation has been issued...





Voluntary evacuation in Cook County due to silo fire


By Terry Richards, Valdosta Daily Times (GA)

Feb 9, 2020


ADEL — A voluntary evacuation has been launched in Cook County near a silo where a fire broke out Sunday morning, according to an official.


The voluntary evacuation extends a mile from Sanderson Farm's Feed Mill, 3140 JM Drive, Adel, said Johnny West, Cook County's emergency management director.


"There is no chemical involved," he said. The silo was full of soybean mill, and company policy required a mandatory evacuation of employees from the site, he said.


"The voluntary evacuation (surrounding the Sanderson Farm site) was out of an abundance of caution," West said.


West compared the situation to...





UPDATE: Evacuation near Sanderson Farms lifted


By Kim McCullough, WALB News (GA)

February 9, 2020


ADEL, Ga. (WALB) - The voluntary evacuation order at Sanderson Farms for a smoldering fire has been lifted, according to a Facebook from Cook County EMA.


Early Sunday morning, a code red was issued within a one-mile radius of the facility.


EMA Director Johnny West said there was no chemical spill and the area is not hazardous.


West said the fire department responded to smoldering fire and the evacuation process is apart of Sanderson Farm’s precaution plan...