Economist says farmers need more Market Facilitation Payments in 2020


By Larry Lee, Brownfield

February 10, 2020


A Kansas State University economist is not expecting a financially stronger 2020 for farmers without more Market Facilitation Program payments. Dr. Barry Flinchbaugh says, “Well, 2020 frankly is going to be dependent on whether we get another round of MFP payments. Our income is actually up in the last couple of years, but it’s almost all government payments and I don’t see the trade picture improving.”


Flinchbaugh tells Brownfield the trade outlook for 2020 could be much better. “I think improving NAFTA was a good move, but the China policy I think has severe problems.”


Flinchbaugh doubts China will by 20-billion dollars’ worth of agricultural goods in each of the next two years, saying cheaper prices elsewhere and issues like Coronavirus and African Swine Fever will impact demand.


Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue does not expect another round of MFP payments...