Wash Hands to Keep Coronavirus Away, Biologist Says


Translator: Non Koresponden

Editor: Ririe Ranggasari

Tempo.co (Indonesia) - 8 February 2020


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Keeping your hands clean is the main method to prevent getting infected with the novel coronavirus, a.k.a the 2019-nCov. Head of the Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology, Amin Soebandrio, making sure to wash hands before touching other parts of the body is important, as it will prevent direct contact to the virus.


In a meeting with a number of ministers and other relevant officials, Amin explained that the coronavirus cannot live long outside its cell. "The Coronavirus cannot live outside dry cells, only for a day. [To prevent it from] entering the body, it is important to wash hands," he said.


Amin asserted that until now there has not been a confirmed case of coronavirus infection in Indonesia. 


The Indonesian government has implemented various policies to...