Chipotle to Add More Plant-Based Options Focused on Non-Processed Foods Like Cauliflower Rice!


By Eliza Erskine, One Green Planet 

Feb 10, 2020


Chipotle is joining other fast-food chains in offering plant-based options for customers. The burrito favorite said it would be working on its own plant-based menu items, instead of partnering with Beyond Meat or Impossible Burger.


According to Bloomberg News, CEO Brian Niccol said the company was working on increasing plant-based options and was aware of the growing trends. He said in an interview, “We are definitely experimenting with plant-based foods. We’re in the early days of it. What we want to do is make the world’s greatest cauliflower rice, as opposed to process something and make it seem like it’s something else.”


The company has been working on more menu items with cauliflower rice and black beans. In 2019, Niccol said the company would forgo processed plant-based meat products. Chipotle offers an in-house tofu option, sofritas, to its customers.


Fast food giants including Dunkin, KFC, and Qdoba added plant-based meat options to their menus. Burger King has been selling the Impossible Whopper. Veganuary saw a range of plant-based options flood the United Kingdom, including offerings from Wagamama, TGI Fridays, and Pret a Manger…


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