Aldi develops new sustainable sourcing method for beef


By Aidan Fortune, GlobalMeatNews



UK discount retailer Aldi has launched a new way of sourcing fresh Scotch Aberdeen Angus Beef that is hoped will provide a long-term, economically sustainable solution for farmers, processors and retailers.


The new Beef Cross Dairy Supply Chain model integrates the dairy and beef supply chains from farm to retailer and will offer Aldi’s beef farmer partners a mutually agreed guaranteed price per kilogram for Scotch Aberdeen Angus Beef over each 12-month period.


The partnership also involves Scotbeef, G Barbour & Company, Harbro and Genus ABS.


Aldi’s new farmer partner, Richard Barbour, of G Barbour & Co, beef farmers based in Crocketford, Dumfries & Galloway said: “This is a positive development for our industry and we’re proud to be working with a forward-thinking supermarket like Aldi to develop an innovative new model for the procurement of Scotch Aberdeen Angus beef.​


“Over recent years the Scottish Beef industry has experienced severe price pressures, with many cutting livestock numbers or even exiting the industry all together. By Aldi guaranteeing a fixed price per kilogram for the Beef we produce each year, it will allow us to forecast further into the future and provides more certainty going forward. By taking away pricing volatility, Aldi’s Beef Cross Dairy Supply Chain model reinjects an element of certainty and confidence into what is such a crucial industry for Scotland.”​


The model uses...