Traffic delay: 75,000 pounds of pork spilled on south I-69 near Rosenberg


Michelle Iracheta, Houston Chronicle (TX)  

Feb. 7, 2020


A "plethora of pork" halted traffic on the southbound/outbound lanes of Interstate 69 Friday morning after an 18-wheeler carrying roughly 75,000 of pig parts crashed on the freeway, according to the Rosenberg Police Department.


The road will be closed for a few hours as hazmat crews work to clean up the pork from the overturned 18-wheeler, police said.


The hazmat spill occurred near Spur 529 around 4:40 a.m., according to media reports.


An assistant police chief for the Rosenberg Police Department told KHOU that the 18-wheeler flipped over on its side and...


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