Nicotine style ‘meat patch’ developed to help wean consumers off carnivore diet


By Flora Southey, Food Navigator



Struggling to give up a meat-heavy diet? Plant-based food brand Strong Roots is trialling a scratch and sniff patch it says could help vegetarian and vegan consumers manage their meat cravings.


A significant number of Britons are actively trying to reduce their meat intake.


According to research commissioned by plant-based food brand Strong Roots, almost half of Britons (47%) have tried to reduce their meat intake at some point, and over one-third (36%) feel guilty when they eat meat.


However, 69% of respondents said they ‘love’ meat, and 33% reported they cannot make it through the day without eating meat.


When the British population does attempt to cut out meat products for good, temptation is regarded the biggest reason for falling off the wagon. Of the 2,000 adults surveyed, over one-quarter (27%) said they struggled to ‘resist the lure’ of fast food, of appealing meat dishes when eating out of home, or the sight of family members eating meaty meals in the home.


And of the meat products consumers said they would most miss on a vegan or vegetarian diet, respondents listed bacon as the clear leader (20%), followed by beef steak (15%) and sausages (14%).


Scratch and sniff bacon tech​


UK plant-based brand Strong Roots is hoping to help consumers wean themselves off meat, which a company spokesperson told FoodNavigator is perceived to be a significant challenge.


“We conducted research which showed that many people struggle reducing their meat consumption. The figures showed that one in six (17.5%) of the adult population believe that giving up meat is a tougher challenge than giving up cigarettes (15.2%) or alcohol (15.1%).”​


The research also revealed that 30% believe there should be more support for those trying to cut out meat...