New NCBA President Marty Smith Says Priorities Include Increasing D.C. Influence


Oklahoma Farm Report 

06 Feb 2020


Marty Smith, incoming President of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, says one of his major priorities as he leads the nation’s largest cattle producers group, is to continue to build on the NCBA influence in Washington, D.C. with Congress and regulatory agencies.


“We face a huge election coming up, Smith told our very own Ron Hays, in an exclusive interview at the NCBA convention in San Antonio, TX on Thursday. “That election process is monumental for us.”


The central Florida beef producer said another major priority is explaining to consumers how we produce beef in this country.


“Today’s consumers want to know how beef is produced,” Smith said. “We have to be prepared to answer their questions.


“We are the most environmentally efficient producers of any protein source in the world, but we’re not getting that message out to the consumer. We’ve got to move this higher on the priority list.”


Smith first became involved in the beef industry leadership through the Florida Cattlemen’s Association when he focused on environmental issues, water rights and property rights.


The new EPA WOTUS ruling is especially pleasing to Smith.“It’s a great victory for ranchers, farmers and all landowners across the country, Smith said.


He noted one of the major challenges with the Obama era WOTUS rule was...