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·         Culling of ASF-infected pigs starts in Mindanao towns

·         Soldiers guard against ASF entry in Zamboanga City



Culling of ASF-infected pigs starts in Mindanao towns


By: Inquirer Mindanao, Philippine Daily Inquirer

February 07, 2020


MALITA, DAVAO OCCIDENTAL—Gov. Claude Bautista has ordered the culling of what remained of the 100,000 hogs in the province, following the African swine fever (ASF) outbreak that killed thousands of pigs in Don Marcelino town last week.


The culling started on Wednesday with the 7,000 remaining live hogs in Don Marcelino, the ground zero of the outbreak, where some 6,000 pigs were reported to have died due to ASF.


Don Marcelino Mayor Michael Maruya said they buried the dead pigs near a cemetery in Barangay Poblacion but would have to look for another site if the present one could not accommodate all the pigs.


Bautista had tasked village officials with collecting the remaining hogs to be culled, saying all owners would be paid P5,000 per head.


But swine deaths had already spread to the neighboring towns of Sta. Maria, Jose Abad Santos and the capital town of Malita. The provincial government carried out a 24-hour quarantine checkpoint and warned hog raisers against slaughtering or roasting their pigs.


1-7-10 protocol


Nilo Provido Jr., spokesperson of the Department of Agriculture (DA) in Davao region, reminded officials to strictly enforce the 1-7-10 protocol, which means, to disinfect the place within the 1-kilometer radius from ground zero, restrict all animal movements within the 7-km radius, and implement control and surveillance zone within the 10-km radius.


“We will control and conduct close monitoring inspection then we will have testing, prioritizing those which show clinical signs of ASF infestation,” Provido told the Inquirer by phone.


Davao City cases ...


Loss of livelihood ...


Interest-free loans ...


Pork ban ...


Soldiers tapped ...





Soldiers guard against ASF entry in Zamboanga City


By: Julie S. Alipala, Inquirer Mindanao (Philippines)

February 05, 2020


ZAMBOANGA CITY –– Soldiers trained in combat are now mandated to spot and inspect vehicles carrying pigs infected with African swine fever (ASF).


“We are not trained just in fighting a war, our troops now are trained to ensure that no pork meat or hog with African swine fever enters Zamboanga City,” said Colonel John Divinagracia, commander of Joint Task Force Zamboanga.


Before this assignment, Divinagracia said he registered his personnel in a three-day training and tapped resource speakers from the City Veterinary Office, Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Land Transportation Office, Philippine National Police, and Bureau of Customs.


“We want to deploy knowledgeable troops, who know about this ASF and they are deployed in areas, entry points commonly used in bringing in hogs and pork meat in the city,” Divinagracia said.


City Veterinarian Mario Arriola said soldiers would work together with their inspectors and personnel.


“We have six districts all over the city, we really lack personnel, it’s a big help that soldiers are helping our field personnel,” Arriola said.


He is confident that soldiers are trained enough to fight ASF...


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