Brazil bans 3 growth promoters for pig production


Daniel Azevedo, Pig Progress 

Feb 7, 2020    


Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) has prohibited 3 growth promoters, being; tylosin, tiamulin and lincomycin, for use in swine production.


Normative Instruction nº 1 of 2020 banned the usage of these performance enhancing additives definitively.


Brazil’s pig industry is already prepared


Charli Ludtke, technical director of the Brazilian Pig Production Association (ABCS), stated that she would not expect a huge effect from this measure. She said, “Brazil’s pig sector has already been ready for that rule, so we do not see a huge impact. Our industry has developed several initiatives in order to push farmers to alternatives and to improve on-farm biosecurity.”


The instruction document explained that the main reason for the ban is that those antibiotics are classified as being of great importance for human medicine. Nonetheless, the principles are still allowed for therapeutic purposes.


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