ASF cases in European wild boar rising as cases in domestic pigs fall


By Alistair Driver, Pig World (UK) 

February 6, 2020


The number of outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) confirmed in domestic pig herds in Europe is falling, but cases in wild boar continue to rise.


The Animal and Health Plant Agency’s (APHA) latest ASF update shows there were163 cases in domestic pigs during December and January, continuing the declining trend. This compares with more than 100 cases in each of October and November and more than 600 per month in July and August.


Since the last APHA report in December, outbreaks in domestic pigs have only been observed in three countries, with the vast majority of these in Romania (153 in December and January) and cases also in Bulgaria (9) and Ukraine (1), with a few also in west Russia.


The majority of the recent domestic cases involved backyard small holdings, although both Bulgaria and Romania have reported outbreaks on commercial holdings – one in Romania (24,614 pigs), and two in Bulgaria on large industrial farms close to the city of Varna, affecting over 60,000 pigs in total.


Hungary, to date, not reported any outbreaks in domestic pigs, despite the large number of infected wild boar.


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