New markets present great opportunities US beef


By Meghan Grebner, Brownfield 

February 5, 2020


The head of the US Meat Export Federation says they’re excited about some of the new and developing markets for US beef.


Dan Halstrom says Central America are showing promise.  “Places  like Peru, Chilé and Colombia,” he says.  “If you look at the individually they are relatively small, but if you add them up as a group you’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars of business today.”


And, he tells Brownfield as the middle class continues to develop, he expects these markets to continue to grow.


Halstrom says Africa is another region of the world they continue to watch.  “African is becoming a bigger and bigger variety beef market,” he says.  “And eventually it will converge into a primal cut market as well.”


He says as...