Farm markets, tariffs, healthcare on the minds of some local voters


By John Carroll, KWTX (TX)†

Feb 04, 2020


(KWTX) David Hopson has been farming and ranching all of his life on land in Mound that has been in his family 112 years.


"I feel like I'm better off. I feel like my life is better with our current administration and some of the programs they have put in place."


But Waco retiree Mary Gerecke disagrees.


"I don't feel as safe as I used to, at all. And I worry about the younger people in my family. I don't trust trump to keep us safe."


Hopson works 5,200 acres in Coryell County alongside his 32-year-old son, Paul.


He says while he feels better off, he still wants to see more trade deals worked out by the government.


"I don't like to see us send our money to China and take their productivity. I mean thatís what they do, they build electronics and then they take our money and buy beef out of Argentina and buy grain out of Brazil. I want them to turn around and balance that trade deficit by buying beef and grains and ag commodities from America."


Hopson's son Paul says he feels like he is better off but farmers are having to do more with less land and they are weathering lower prices on their crops.


"Corn prices are low and wheat's low and if America can't pay to use it we need to be able to send it and send it overseas."


But his father says he's willing to take the tariff hits as a farmer for better times in the future,


"The short-term losses that I may experience now is the potential for my son and my grandson and maybe my great grandson, who knows where it ends for them to stay in business and agriculture production."


Gerecke eating lunch with her nephew, Lawrence Finch, agrees to disagree with him over politics, and says she wants her family to have the chance to afford health insurance, and hopes the president and congress can get that done...