China Data Suggests Coronavirus Deaths To Slow: Nobel Scientist


Russell Flannery, Forbes

Feb 5, 2020


Trends in the number of fatalities in China from the coronavirus suggest that the number of new deaths may decrease in the coming week, according to an analysis by Stanford University professor Michael Levitt, the winner of a Nobel Prize in chemistry in 2013.


As of yesterday, 492 deaths and some 24,000 coronavirus illnesses have been reported, with more than 97% of the deaths in hard-hit Hubei Province.  Yet there is a big difference in the death rate in and outside of Hubei. At only 0.18%, the death rate outside of Hubei “is comparable to the mortality of influenza,” he said.  By contrast, the death rate for victims in Hubei is 3%. The death rate outside of Hubei Province is 16 times lower and has stayed relatively low...