Secretary Sonny Perdue talks farmers and improvement of labeling for meat


by Gregory Pollak, WOAI News 4 San Antonio (TX)

February 5th 2020


Farmers and ranchers in Texas have had to endure a lot of hardships in 2019 from trade issues to the weather, everything from flooding rains to extreme drought. United states secretary of agriculture Sonny Perdue explains why the future is looking bright.


"Farming has been tough overall, been tough in Texas, obviously we've had some trade issues, but we've had some victories in 2019. While the weather was tough in a lot of places with a lot of places, sometimes in drought like here in south Texas now. But farmers are resilient, they push through those kinds of things."


Secretary Perdue says the U.S. department of agriculture wants consumers to know what kind of meat they're serving their families. That's why labeling of meat products is very important.


"We believe in transparency in labeling and American producers do as well. In fact, many of them would like the country of origin labeling."


Secretary Perdue says trade agreements with different countries will help farmers all across the u.s. and more particularly here in Texas.


"The good news is we got a new trade agreement with japan which is really good for beef growers"...


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