Wisconsin lawmakers focused on ag-related legislation


By Larry Lee, Brownfield

February 5, 2020


An agriculture lobbyist says state lawmakers are more focused on ag issues than usual.


Jordan Lamb with DeWitt Law says Wisconsin lawmakers are considering no less than 20 bills ranging from water quality to farmer mental health, and she’s optimistic some can pass the legislature before the end of the session. “The good news is everyone wants to talk about farming. They’re not going to get all of this done, so I think several of the Governor’s proposals will probably move. I think there are definitely aspects of the Speaker’s Water Task Force that are going to move, and I think you’re going to see additional ideas coming from legislators themselves.”


Lamb tells Brownfield one proposal from Senator Patrick Testin and Representative Nancy VanDermeer would for the first time, allocate 500-thousand dollars for additional potato research. “The potato industry board does not typically have enough funds to fund all of the grant and research requests that they get. They have to make choices, and this would greatly increase what they could do.”


Lamb says farmers need to pay attention to the bills, updates from trade associations, and most importantly, she says directly tell elected officials what to support...


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