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·         Dunkin’ teams with Snoop Dogg to promote Beyond Meat sausage patty

·         Snoop Dogg Lifts Beyond Meat (BYND) as Shorts Target the Surging Stock



Dunkin’ teams with Snoop Dogg to promote Beyond Meat sausage patty


By Nicolas Vega, New York Post

January 13, 2020


Dunkin’ is teaming up with an unlikely ally to promote its plant-based sausage patties.


The donut-slinger has partnered with rap legend Snoop Dogg to roll out the “Beyond D-O-Double G Sandwich” — a sausage egg and cheese sandwich served on a sliced glazed donut and made with Beyond Meat’s new sausage patty.


“Snoop Dogg is back at it again droppin’ a menu hack like it’s hot,” the chain said in a press release, saying that the high-calorie sandwich was “inspired by Snoop Dogg’s passion for plant-based protein and love of glazed donuts.”


The new sandwich, which is 530 calories, is only on sale until Sunday. Still, news of the partnership sent shares of the faux-meat company skyrocketing, with the stock closing up 19 percent on Monday, at $114.34.


Dunkins’ partnership with the rapper — which will also result in limited-edition, co-branded merchandise, including a green tracksuit — comes amid growing demand for new plant-based meat products that taste an awful lot like the real thing.


Over the last seven days, Beyond Meat’s shares have soared more than...


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Snoop Dogg Lifts Beyond Meat (BYND) as Shorts Target the Surging Stock

Beyond Meat stock spiked this week with a boost from rapper Snoop Dogg and Dunkin's new D-O-G-G doughnut sandwich.


Author: Mark Emem, CCN (Norway)

Jan 14, 2020


·         Beyond Meat has staged a massive rally in 2020 as the inevitability of plant-based meats sinks in.

·         A global expansion plan could further consolidate BYND’s lead.

·         Plant-based meats could eat up over 10% of regular meat sales.


Beyond Meat’s (NASDAQ: BYND) recovery from its post-IPO crash seems to be well underway. On Monday, the stock went up by nearly 20% to hit a three-month high.


This coincided with restaurant chain Dunkin’ Brands Group Inc (NASDAQ: DNKN) announcing that rapper Snoop Dogg would star in a TV ad campaign. The campaign will promote a sausage sandwich made from Beyond Meat’s plant-based protein.


Beyond Meat’s D-O-G-G sandwich


The Snoop Dogg-Dunkin’ partnership will also feature a limited-time-only menu hack. For a week, the restaurant chain will offer the Beyond D-O-Double G Sandwich. The Snoop Dogg-approved product will be available nationwide.


The stock’s Monday surge wasn’t an outlier. Since the year started, BYND is up over 50%.


Besides Snoop Dogg, reality TV celebrity Kim Kardashian boosted the stock when social media followers spotted Beyond Sausage packages in her fridge.


What’s driving the stock’s surge? ...


Shorts grow their appetite for Beyond Meat …


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