Cargill focused on lowering number of stillborn piglets


By Jane Byrne, Feed Navigator



This month sees Cargill launch a sow feed product in the UK, following mainland European market entry last year.


When added to transition and lactating-sow diets, LivaPig reduces the number of stillborn piglets, reported the manufacturer. 


In European countries, sow productivity is increasing, resulting in larger litters. That development is correlated to a higher number of stillborn piglets and an increased pre-weaning mortality leading to a decreased piglet livability. In addition to the financial impact due to the lower survival rate, it is also an animal welfare issue, said Cargill.


It said its LivaPig product, which is added to sow diets on farm or included in such diets by compounders, boosts piglet livability by increasing the blood flow and, therefore, oxygen and nutrient supply to the reproductive tissue and to the piglets in utero.


The product is a blend of...


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