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·         Fake meat is a fake weight loss scheme

·         Plant-based meat may not be as healthy as advertised



Fake meat is a fake weight loss scheme


by Scott Crowder, KTRH Newsradio (TX)  

Jan 10, 2020


We're in the midst of a fake meat frenzy, with makers of the stuff claiming they're saving the planet from the horrors of raising cattle and consumers thinking they'll lose weight by eating plant-based burgers. Both are probably wrong.


Dr. John Higgins is a professor of cardiology with McGovern Medical School at UTHealth.


"If you are looking for a burger and you want the healthiest burger, then these do not actually appear to be that answer."


Dr. Higgins says the main problem is too much sodium, but the meatless burgers also have too much fat and just as many calories. He recommends a different kind of meat.


"You are actually much better off going for a lean chicken burger or a turkey burger."


Dr. Higgins says what's "impossible" with some of these burgers is the notion they're healthier than beef...





Plant-based meat may not be as healthy as advertised


By Jonathan Fortier, WEAU (WI) 

Jan 08, 2020


EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Plant based meat products such as the Impossible Whopper at Burger King are sweeping the nation, but now health experts are warning that these products may not be as healthy as advertised.


"I think we're kind of indoctrinated into thinking if something is plant based, it is going to be healthier,” said Susan Kasik-Miller, a Dietitian at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital.


But according to burger king's nutritional charts, an impossible whopper, made with plants, has 1,240 mg of sodium.


That's compared to 980 mg in the regular whopper and 400 mg of sodium in a large McDonald’s fries.


McDonald’s is also testing a plant based burger but it is not available locally yet.


Kasik-Miller says eating too much salt and sodium is bad for your health.


"It can cause your blood pressure to go up if you have a lot of extra fluid on your body,” she said. “Long term, there's maybe some impact on your blood pressure, it may affect your kidneys, it may affect your bone health."


Health experts say just because something is plant based, it does not make it healthy, but Kasik-Miller also says plant based products can help people looking to cut other things out of their diet, such as fat...