AFBF says China’s biotech announcement a good sign


By Julie Harker, Brownfield 

January 9, 2020


An American Farm Bureau economist says China’s announcement that it will approve new genetically engineered biotech seed traits is a good sign.


Veronica Nigh says the U.S. has been pushing for China to speed up its biotech process and increase its transparency for years.


Two of the 192 traits China announced are for corn and one for soybeans, the rest for cotton.


“What we hope it means is that we’re going to start seeing traits approved faster in China. Now that they’re approving their own traits and they’re improving the transparency of their system, hopefully that means that they’re turning the page to say, ‘we’re more accepting of biotechnology.’”


Instead of taking seven years for approval, she says, it could mean a lot less time. Nigh tells Brownfield a lot of U.S. farmers know there are new technologies available but not for them to use...