The Calling

World Livestock Auctioneer Regional Contest Airs It Out In Yankton


By Cora Van Olson, Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan (SD)

Jan 8, 2020


Fast-talking auctioneers slowed down to talk about their trade and Midwestern Region Qualifying Event of the 2020 World Livestock Auctioneer Championship that was held in Yankton on Wednesday.


The competition, hosted by Stockmen’s Livestock Market, featured 31 auctioneers from the U.S. and Canada. Each contestant sold eight drafts and was judged on knowledge of the product, accuracy and several other factors, including command of sale, professionalism and poise, body language and eye contact, clarity, rhythm and timing, voice quality and control.


They were also judged on whether or not the judges would want to hire them.


Judging Wednesday’s contest were Wayne Cowley of Producers Livestock Marketing Association in Salina, Utah; Michael Davis of Tri-County Livestock Market, Inc., in New Summerfield, Texas; Will Druery of Adams Land and Cattle in Broken Bow, Nebraska; Rick Keith of Producers Livestock Marketing Association, in Omaha, Nebraska; and Jeff Willis of Columbia Livestock Market of Lake City, Inc., in Lake City, Florida.


“I have been trying to get this contest here for years,” said Greg Ryken, owner of Stockmen’s Livestock Market. “This is hosted three times a year, and then they take the top 10 out of these three events and they’ll have a world championship in Tennessee this year.”


The championship is sponsored and organized by the Livestock Marketing Association (LMA) that determines which facilities are able to handle such a large event, Ryken said.


“We’ve got a lot of good cattle and a lot of good buyers,” Ryken said. “It’s a great event. We’ll sell between 4,000 and 4,500 cattle here today and the house is packed. We’ve got buyers from all over the country.”


LMA has about 840 member markets and has been hosting this contest for 57 years. The regional quarter-final events allow LMA to host this time-honored event in member markets that wouldn’t ordinarily host them, Ryken said…


Winners were announced on the LMA Facebook page …


The following contestants locked in their spot to the 2020 WLAC …


Top 10 …