Bismarck Livestock Auction now open


By Emmeline Ivy, KFYR-TV 

Jan 08, 2020


BISMARCK, N.D. - There's a new livestock auction barn in Bismarck.


Bismarck Livestock Auction opened Tuesday with its first feeder cattle sale.


Co-owner Dean Ulmer says he and his partner, Jess George, decided on Bismarck because sale barns near town have been closing and they wanted to give ranchers an opportunity to market their cattle.


Ulmer and his family have been involved in the livestock auction industry since the 1960s. He met Jess George in the 80s when George was helping Ulmer's dad solicit livestock.


The two now co-own Bismarck Livestock Auction.


"It shows that we're invested in the industry for a long time. We have the most modern scale. We have the most modern facility. We have a great location close to the interstate," Ulmer said.


Ulmer says their full low loft capacity scale can handle 65,000 pounds, which makes it easy for buyers to see a full pot load or more at a time.


The sales barn features live video auctions broadcasted through Cattle USA and BEK telephone.


While Ulmer's equipment is advanced, his goal is simple…


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