Evaluating the cattle industry


By Kaylie Crowe, KNOP-TV (NE)

Jan 07, 2020


NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP)- Cow ranchers are struggling to make ends meet and are working towards improving that.


Chester Smith, with Giles Smith ranch, says it has been hard times.


"Challenges right now are expenses are high and incomes low obviously and that's probably been the trend probably the last three years," said Smith.


McPherson and Logan County Farm Bureaus hosted a cow/calf symposium at the Stapleton Community Center to shine a light on the issues at hand with beef production. Speakers presented concepts, ideas, and information in hopes to help the audience brainstorm ideas they can use to help improve their beef profits in the future. They had speakers discuss risk management, marketing strategies, and more to find ways to improve.


Matt Fiechtner, the President of McPherson County Farm Bureaus says he hopes this can help those who are struggling financially find ways to improve.


"We just wanted the producers in the area the ability to come here and hopefully learn something, make some decisions, and get through this year. And then hopefully next years a better year," said Fiechner...


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