Changes made to Danish Crown Beef structure


By Aidan Fortune, GlobalMeatNews



Red meat processor Danish Crown has stressed the need for change at its beef division in order for it to be sustainable.


The group business warned that “more needs to be done for the owners, and at the same time, the business must be developed with the aim of securing the future of beef on the dinner tables and lifting the settlement to the owners”​.


The division of roles in Danish Crown Beef's board of directors has been changed, so that Danish Crown Group CEO - just as is the case in Danish Crown's other business units - was now chairman of the board, while the chairman of its Kreaturforum is vice chairman.


Moving forward, Kreaturforum will have more focus on securing and developing the range of services and concepts that Danish Crown Beef offers to the co-operatives. Meanwhile, the board of Directors of Danish Crown Beef will use its powers to a greater extent on the commercial part of the business.


Danish Crown chairman Erik Bredholt explained the changes...