Packing plant update from B.C.

Packers: News Roundup from the November 2019 issue of Canadian Cattlemen


Canadian Cattlemen

November 26, 2019


After completing a feasibility study, the B.C. beef packing plant committee has decided to market a B.C.-branded product before building a federally inspected packing plant.


Most of B.C.ís cattle are finished and processed outside of the province, making it a challenge to sell B.C.-branded beef. A new packing plant has been seen as a potential part of the solution, and garnered some support from government and industry.


Beef producers and representatives from the packing industry struck a steering committee to study the viability of a federally inspected plant with a capacity of 500 head a week. During the B.C. Cattlemenís Association AGM in 2018, B.C.ís Ministry of Agriculture committed up to $450,000 for the project. The funding was to be used to create an industry-led co-operative business model for the plant.


The committee now plans to create...