ISU Economistís Analysis Shows Zero Tariffs In China Would Mean More U.S. Pork


Radio 570 WNAX (SD)

Nov 27, 2019


An analysis released by Iowa State University Economist Dr. Dermot Hayes shows that securing zero tariff access to China for U.S. pork would be an economic boon for American agriculture and the country. Nebraska Pork Producers Association Executive Director Al Juhnke agrees. He says without low tariffs, trade with China is a huge uncertainty.


He says Chinese consumers have a large appetite for pork, the U.S. has that product and China is suffering from the African Swine Fever outbreak which means they canít supply their consumers. Juhnke says that need is a long term one, possibly as long as five years.


According to Hayeís analysis, U.S. pork sales would generate $24.5 billion in sales if U.S. pork regained unrestricted access to China over ten years. Juhnke says not only would China be a good destination for U.S .pork but there are other Far East market possibilities...


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