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·         Positive signals grow on U.S.-China trade deal

·         US-China negotiators discuss issues

·         China could buy more US ag goods without a trade deal



Positive signals grow on U.S.-China trade deal

A so-called "phase one" deal could be within striking distance.


By Adam Behsudi, POLITICO



The United States and China are "getting really close" to striking a preliminary trade deal, a senior adviser to President Donald Trump said Tuesday.


"We feel that deal is going to happen, and we continue to work arduously toward that," White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said on Fox News.


The positive assessment of the talks adds to signals coming from both sides that a so-called "phase one" deal is within striking distance.


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U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He discussed progress in the talks in a phone call Monday.


China's Ministry of Commerce said the two sides discussed how to resolve core concerns and reached consensus on how to resolve related issues, according to an informal translation of an official readout of the call.


China’s state-run English language tabloid Global Times said on Sunday the two sides are “very close” to a phase one trade deal and China remains committed to a second or even third phase of negotiations.


Chinese officials briefing foreign visitors in Beijing last Friday were also positive about the trajectory of the talks, but said the scope and scale of U.S. tariff de-escalation is still an open question, according to one person familiar with those discussions.


Trump’s tough talk that China wants a deal more than the U.S. conceals a real desire in the administration to get a market-calming agreement, said another person close to the talks. At the same time, Mnuchin and senior adviser Jared Kushner are pushing the president to close the deal, the person added.


“The deal is largely there if Trump offers the substantial tariff relief the Chinese want,” the person said, adding the depth of any tariff rollback the president agrees to would reveal the extent to which Trump wants to seriously engage in subsequent phases of trade talks.


Trump wants a phase one deal to force China to significantly increase its purchases of U.S. agricultural goods...





US-China negotiators discuss issues


By Amie Simpson, Brownfield 

November 26, 2019


There are reports that US and Chinese trade negotiators spoke this morning about resolving fundamental issues.


In a statement, China’s Ministry of Commerce said negotiators discussed issues and agreed to maintain communication as they work on a trade deal.


President Trump has said that the two countries are close to a phase one trade deal.


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China could buy more US ag goods without a trade deal


By Rhiannon Branch, Brownfield

November 26, 2019


USDA analysts are predicting an extra $1 billion worth of exports to China in 2020, even without a trade agreement in place.


USDA’s Chief Economist Rob Johansson says China is going to need not only more pork from the US, but also more soybeans.


“For a number of reasons, one of which is that they weren’t able to import as much from South America as we expected, but also because they are going to be building up their livestock sector after the impact of African Swine Fever.”


He says although there is some optimism towards a deal with China, the increased export forecast is not based on a potential deal...