Russian Cows Wear VR Goggles to Relax

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow Region, a prototype of VR goggles specially designed for cattle was tested on a farm near Moscow, Russia. The technology aims to improve animals’ housing conditions and, consequently, increase the quantity of milk


Christina Daumann, Asgardia

Nov 26, 19


Employees of one of the largest farms in the Moscow region together with IT-specialists decided to conduct quite an experiment.


The farm extravaganza was meant to demonstrate the influence of Virtual Reality (VR) on the emotional state of the cattle.


According to the source, the VR-goggles were specially designed to fit the cow’s head.  Developers have also created a unique summer field simulation program based on numerous research on cows’ vision.


Hopefully, the view of Alpine meadows will improve the quantity as well as the quality of milk. And if the experiment fails, lucky cows could try out some cool VR games and, perhaps ironically, increase their stress levels during battle. What if it’s adrenalin that makes milk taste better?


After the first test, experts recorded a decrease in anxiety and an increase in the overall emotional state of the herd. The influence of VR on the milk quantity will be further investigated in upcoming studies.


‘If the positive dynamics maintain, the developers intend to scale up the project and modernize the domestic sphere of dairy production,’ according to the Ministry’s website.


People have tried different methods of cow relaxation. For instance...


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