This is the world's most expensive Thanksgiving dinner at $181,000


Zack Guzman, Yahoo Finance

November 26, 2019


If you’ve been looking for the most expensive Thanksgiving dinner, look no further.


After selling a max total of three Thanksgiving dinner packages last year at $150,000 apiece, New York City’s Old Homestead Steakhouse is one-upping itself to offer the world’s most expensive Thanksgiving experience yet again — this time at a total price tag of $181,000.


The over-the-top Thanksgiving package not only includes a culinary cornucopia of some of the world’s richest ingredients — headlined by two free-range, $145-per-pound gold-painted, gold-dusted and gold-flaked turkeys — but also equally rich experiences, like a $50,000 seven-day SeaDream Yacht Club Cruise for two, with luxurious owner’s suite accommodations.


At a total of $181,000, the package is roughly 3,700-times the average Thanksgiving dinner in America, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation.


“Our culinary staff develops the menu and from there we seek out the most expensive ingredients in the world,” Old Homestead co-owner Marc Sherry tells Yahoo Finance. 


Like last year’s record-breaking feast, this year’s dinner boasts imported rarities, like $1,200-per-pound Spanish bacon atop candied sweet potatoes paired with $300 per-pound imported white cheddar cheese from a farm in the U.K. The gravy is again infused with a $3,650 bottle of Louis XIII cognac, as is the cranberry sauce (featuring $250 per-dozen Japanese strawberries) with a Taylor Fladgate 40-year tawny port reduction.


New to the table this year, however, is a decadent seafood stuffing — a throwback to America’s first Thanksgiving dinner over three centuries ago, which featured more seafood than many people realize, Sherry says. The side not only starts with $125-per-loaf imported U.K. bread (which features a recipe that calls for champagne instead of water) but also includes Alaskan king crab, Maine lobster, Otoro tuna, and golden caviar from the Caspian Sea that costs more than $1,600 an ounce.


“I’m not sure that the Pilgrims had $1,600-an-ounce caviar back in the day, but for $181,000 we’re giving to it you,” Sherry joked.


The opulence doesn’t stop there...


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