Smashing steaks with NBA star Steven Adams

The Oklahoma Beef Council’s partnership with Steven Adams has consumers ready to “smash steaks.”


Amanda Radke, Opinion, BEEF Magazine 

Nov 22, 2019


Nearly one year ago, the Oklahoma Beef Council announced an exciting new partnership with Oklahoma City professional basketball player Steven Adams.


An unlikely pairing, Adams tall physique tends to stand out in most crowds, but it’s his new message showing a strong support of beef that is really gaining attention in Oklahoma and across the nation.


In January, Adams told the press, “I have fond memories of spending time with my brother working with him on his dairy farm. Because of this, I have a major respect for farming and ranching families whether they are here in Oklahoma or my home country of New Zealand. Through this partnership I have the opportunity to help share their story while also featuring the nutritional role beef plays in my diet.” 


In a digital marketing campaign, funded by the Beef Checkoff Program, Adam’s love of beef is highlighted as he proudly tells his viewing audience, “I eat beef all the time. I smash steaks.”


“Smashing steaks” has been the theme in Oklahoma this year, and the Oklahoma Beef Council launched, “Steven’s Steak of the Month Club.” Adams is the sole member of this club and receives his favorite cuts of beef every month, which helps him fuel his workouts and perform well as he plays on the basketball court.


This collaboration is timely because there is a growing trend of elite athletes going vegan. These plant-based professional athletes include Cam Newton, Tom Brady, Venus Williams, Kyrie Irving and Alex Morgan, just to name a few.


Their voices are strong and their message is clear — you can perform at an optimal level without animal fats and proteins.


And while I could point out many examples of professional vegetarian athletes who have been benched due to injuries that won’t heal, it’s probably more effective to share the athletes who have found success by eating more meat, not less.


Athletes who follow ketogenic (high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate) diets include LeBron James, Tim Tebow, Adriana Lima, Kobe Bryant and Brendan Schaub.


Yet, are any of these elite athletes, models and super stars strong voices for America’s cattlemen and women?


Maybe yes and maybe no...


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