Pork stocks hit end of October record


By John Perkins, Brownfield 

November 22, 2019


U.S. pork supplies grew to record end of October levels following a record month for pork production. The USDA says pork stocks were up 8% from the end of October 2018 at 614.508 million pounds, up 8% on the year, including a monthly high for loins. Beef was down 10% at 466.219 million tons, helped out by solid domestic demand, pulling the red meat total to a 1% year to year decrease at 1.123 billion pounds.


Chicken stocks notched an end of October record, climbing 1% on the year to 953.265 million pounds, while turkey dropped 11% to 394.481 million as retailers started preparing for Thanksgiving and the poultry total was 3% lower at 1.352 billion pounds.


U.S. dairy in cold storage declined during October...