African Swine Fever Continues to Raise Price of Slovenian Pork


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25 Nov 2019


STA, 24 November 2019 - Although no case of African swine fever has been recorded in Slovenia, pork prices in the country have risen by 10-12% this year as a serious outbreak of the disease in Asia has made global pork prices skyrocket. Slovenian meat producers believe the 10-12% rise will not suffice to cover the constantly rising producer price of pork.


The Slovenian Meat Processing Industry Association has told the STA that although indirect, the impact of swine fever on the Slovenian market is considerable.


Since demand for pork is rising, foremost in China, European exporters have reacted to the trend, so purchase pork prices have risen.


In the European market, they have been increasing since the start of this spring, with purchase prices of certain cuts of meat up by as much as 70% or more.


This has an impact on purchase prices in Slovenia, where pork self-sufficiency is relatively at only 30%.


The association says this situation could last for several years as there is no prospect China could contain the disease any time soon.


"The current situation shows how vulnerable we are due to the low self-sufficiency rate."


The Slovenian meat-processing industry could survive the crisis if meat prices do not lag considerably behind rising costs.


However, the situation could deteriorate...