McDonald’s plans to buy solar and wind energy to power restaurants

Investment will generate green energy equal to providing electricity for 2,500 restaurants


Nancy Luna, Nation's Restaurant News 

Nov 07, 2019


McDonald’s moved one step closer to powering the making of Big Macs and fries with solar and wind energy.


The Chicago-based quick-service chain, whose CEO was ousted last week, said Thursday it is investing in two Texas-based startup companies that are generating renewable energy equal to taking 140,000 cars off the road for one year.  McDonald’s did not disclose the amount of the capital investment, which involves buying  "virtual power" from the two companies including Aviator Wind West. McDonald's did not name the solar project.


Francesca DeBiase, chief supply chain and sustainability officer, said the company, as a world leader, has a responsibility to customers to do what is right for the planet.


“These renewable energy commitments will generate green energy equivalent to over 2,500 McDonald’s restaurants-worth of electricity, one more example of how we are using our Scale for Good,” DeBiase said in a statement, referring to the company's effort to use its influence and restaurants to combat global climate change...