Feeder cattle prices rebounded despite higher volume

It's always a good equation when despite the larger run in volume, prices still rebounded.


Ed Czerwien, BEEF Magazine 

Nov 08, 2019


There was a much bigger run of feeder cattle after last week’s winter storms with 41,200 head at the test auctions, which was up 12,000 head from the previous week. Prices rebounded higher and were mostly $2-4 dollars; no doubt helped by higher priced feedlot cattle prices.


Better weather this week improved cow numbers at the auctions and there was 10,900 head at the test auctions, which was up about 1,800 head from the previous week that had winter storms in some areas. The prices were mostly $1-2 higher but the bottom end of the price ranges were $2-4 higher with more active bidding. The cow cutout on Wednesday was $178.20 which was up $4.94 compared to the previous Wednesday. This big of a change is not normal...


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