Truck full of cattle catches fire in Arkansas, killing driverís puppy, officials say


By Dawson White, The Telegraph (GA)††

November 06, 2019


A truck driverís puppy is dead after his tractor-trailer full of cattle caught fire in Arkansas on Wednesday, police say.


It was just after 4 a.m. when Ozark Fire Department responded to a call about a semi fire on the interstate, officials said in a Facebook post. The truck was full of cattle.


Fire officials say the blaze appeared to start in the truckís engine compartment, crediting an easterly wind from preventing the flames and smoke from spreading to the trailer. The driver and the cattle all survived.


Less lucky was the driverís Blue Heeler puppy who died in the blaze, officials say.


ďThe driver stated the fire spread quickly which kept him from being able to reach the dog,Ē officials wrote.


Photos of the truck, which was heading to Texas, show...


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