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·         Europe looking to China as global partner, shunning Donald Trump’s US

·         Emmanuel Macron ends China visit with slew of trade deals and green pact




Europe looking to China as global partner, shunning Donald Trump’s US


o   Macron portrayed himself as envoy for EU during China visit, conveying message that bloc has largely given up on US president

o   Washington increasingly isolated on as climate change, role of World Trade Organisation and nuclear accord with Iran, as EU and Beijing align


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via South China Morning Post (China) - 7 Nov, 2019


When France’s president wants to carry European concerns to the world stage to find solutions for climate change, trade tensions or Iran’s nuclear ambitions, he no longer calls Washington. He flies to Beijing.


President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to China this week suggests that the United States risks being sidelined on the global stage under President Donald Trump . One moment spoke volumes: Chinese President Xi Jinping sampling French wines, which Trump’s administration recently slapped with heavy new tariffs.


Macron portrayed himself as an envoy for the whole European Union, conveying the message that the bloc has largely given up on Trump, who does not hide his disdain for multilateralism.


Just as the Trump administration formally launched the process of pulling out of the 2015 Paris climate agreement, France and China issued a “Beijing call” on Wednesday for increased global cooperation in fighting climate change and better protecting biodiversity. Both countries have deplored the US withdrawal.


“One country’s isolated choice can’t change the course of the world. It only leads to marginalisation,” Macron said.


While China’s president tasted French wines and high-quality beef at an import fair in Shanghai, Macron was pushing for a broader opening of the Chinese market to European products.


“I think he discovered Languedoc wine. He wasn’t familiar with it, he liked it. He tasted a Burgundy and a classic Bordeaux wine,” Macron told reporters.


Xi said the two leaders were sending “a strong signal to the world about steadfastly upholding multilateralism and free trade, as well as working together to build open economies”.


During his first state visit to China in January 2018, Macron vowed to return every year in an effort to establish “mutual trust”.


Since then, Xi has travelled to France, when China signed an agreement in March to buy 300 aircraft from European plane maker Airbus.


This time, Macron travelled east, bringing with him an ambitious agenda that includes establishing a joint stance on reforming the World Trade Organisation, fighting climate change and saving the nuclear accord with Iran...





Emmanuel Macron ends China visit with slew of trade deals and green pact

Paris and Beijing signed 40 bilateral contracts in the fields of aviation, agro-food, energy, tourism, health, finance and digital



via South China Morning Post (China) - 6 Nov, 2019


French president Emmanuel Macron scored points for France, Europe and the global environment at the end of his state visit to China, while having a dig at Donald Trump and stealing the thunder of the European commissioner he brought with him.


French foie gras, Franco-Italian small aircraft, French utility company Engie and European luxury foods were among those he advocated for, in addition to the world’s climate and biodiversity, in a series of contracts and agreements signed on Wednesday in Beijing.


Macron and Chinese President Xi Jinping launched the “Beijing Call for the conservation of biodiversity and climate change”, which formalised the joint leadership role they have taken in support of the Paris Agreement and further elevated the importance of preserving biodiversity.


The French president also took the opportunity to undercut the American position on the issue.


“When China, the European Union and Russia commit to [the Paris Agreement], the isolated choice of this or that [country] isn’t enough to change the course of things,” Macron said in a statement to the press alongside Xi in Beijing at the end of their meeting.


It was Macron’s first comments on the matter since the United States formally started the withdrawal process from the climate change pact on Tuesday, two years after the Trump administration announced it would pull out of the deal.


The US will be the only country in the world that will not be a party to the Paris pact, which calls on nations to set individual targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


The incoming EU commissioner for trade, Phil Hogan, was also present in Beijing on Wednesday to sign the EU-China agreement on Geographic Indications – intellectual property protections for gourmet foods.


But Macron appeared to jump the gun on Hogan, by hailing the deal two days ahead of the Commission’s official announcement Wednesday.


Hogan, as well as the German Minister for Education and Research Anja Karliczek, also accompanied Macron on his visit to Shanghai for the second edition of the China International Import Expo earlier in the week.

Xi and Macron spoke multiple times about the need to reform the WTO rules, but made no concrete announcements on the issue on Wednesday.


“Our capacity to define together, before the summer, the reform of the WTO is absolutely vital,” said Macron.


“I want us to have a European proposal, when we have that we’ll see what China agrees with or not, and what the US agrees with or not. So the first part of 2020 should be dedicated to European effort to propose and then a negotiation with others,” he said...