‘Industry’ recalls more mystery meat because of risk of E. coli


By Coral Beach, Food Safety News by Marler Clark

November 5, 2019


Posting recall No. 23 for beef because of the risk of E. coli infections, Canadian officials continue to repeat vague information about the situation that now includes 875 individual products.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency also continues to report that it has not received any information about confirmed illnesses in relation to the recalled beef and veal products. All of the products in the 23 recalls have the potential to be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7, which is a particularly virulent strain of the pathogen.


In all of the recalls posted since Oct. 3, the agency (CFIA) says the action was “triggered by the CFIA’s inspection activities.” The agency has not released any details on what kinds of inspection activities or whether they included laboratory testing.


As with many of the other 22 recalls the CFIA does not identify what company has initiated the 23rd recall. The agency reports that “industry” is recalling the products.


Similarly the CFIA has not made public how many tons of meat is involved overall or the entities involved in the supply chain, from ranchers forward through slaughterhouses, packers, distributors, etc. Some retail brands have been named in the list of 875 recalled products.


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