Why a ban on fur & foie gras should matter to ranchers

Activists continue to erode animal use in U.S. society with new laws passing in California and New York City.


Amanda Radke, BEEF Magazine†

Nov 05, 2019


We are living in troubling times, my friends.


Politicians want to tax farmers and ranchers for emissions and slap sin taxes on meat to encourage plant-based diets. Celebrities are spinning faux science into meatless propaganda in the name of compassion to animals and the planet.


Packers are investing in plant-based protein companies. Farm bankruptcies are on the rise. Animal agricultural organizations are getting into bed with animal rights and environmental activist groups.


From a beef producerís perspective, I sometimes wonder what my future looks like in this business. From a consumerís perspective, I wonder if meat will always be available to me, or if the opposing side will ultimately win.


Just the other day, I received a hateful email from someone who expressed great joy that my viewpoints about ruminant animals benefitting the planet were archaic. With glee, she compared me to a dinosaur and said she was hopeful that people like me would one day cease to exist.


This person, was of course, threatening my life and wishing for me to be wiped off the face of the earth because of her love and compassion for a beef cow. Itís highly ironic the hateful things one person can say to another in the name of saving the life of an animal.


But it doesnít stop with just hateful words from trolls.


These days, our ability to utilize an animal from nose to tail is being taken away, inch by inch, in the form of new laws.


For example, California became the first state to ban fur...†


... In New York City, a ban on foie gras is currently being considered. If passed, more than 1,000 New York City dining establishments that serve foie gras will be impacted, in addition to the duck and geese farmers operating in the state of New York...


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