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·         Who is McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski?

·         The New McDonald's CEO Just Sent an Email to Every McDonald's Employee. Here's Why It Reads the Way It Does




Who is McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski?

Executive joined burger brand in 2015 after posts at Kraft, PepsiCo and P&G


Ron Ruggless, Nation's Restaurant News 

Nov 04, 2019


Christopher Kempczinski, the new CEO at McDonald’s Corp., is a relative newcomer to the restaurant industry, having led consumer product goods companies before joining the burger giant in 2015.


Over the weekend, Chicago-based McDonald’s board named Kempczinski to replace Steve Easterbrook, which kept to the company’s succession plan. The board ousted Easterbrook for violating policy and demonstrating “poor judgment involving a recent consensual relationship with an employee.”


The 51-year-old Kempczinski previously served as president of McDonald’s USA, a post he had held since January 2017 and where he was responsible for operations of about 14,000 McDonald's restaurants in the United States. That promotion came two years after he joined McDonald’s in October 2015 as executive vice president for strategy, business development and innovation.


"Some of my fondest childhood memories were of my experiences at a McDonald’s," Kempczinski said in a letter to employees. "Since joining the company in 2015, I’ve been able to see up-close how all three legs of the stool work together in an incredible partnership to bring our brand to life in the restaurants and communities that we serve.


"I’m happiest when I’m in our restaurants, visiting with franchisees, their crew and our customers," Kempczinski wrote. "Listening to their stories, I’m reminded about the larger purpose that our brand plays in the lives of millions of people around the world. Yes, we serve delicious food and offer great experiences, but our brand means so much more. We stand for opportunity and empowerment for everyone. McDonald’s is a special company, and it’s my privilege to work with all of you to make a difference in the lives of so many."


Prior to McDonald’s, Kempczinski served as president of Kraft International from December 2014 to September 2015. He previously had worked with PepsiCo Inc., the Procter & Gamble Co. and in management consulting at The Boston Consulting Group.


Enrique Hernandez Jr., chairman of the McDonald’s Corp. board, said Kempczinski had “the right mix of skills and experience to lead us forward, having run our U.S. business, where franchisees are delivering strong financial and operational results, and overseen global strategy, business development and innovation.”


Morningstar Inc., the Chicago-based investment research firm, said in a note Monday that Kempczinski...





The New McDonald's CEO Just Sent an Email to Every McDonald's Employee. Here's Why It Reads the Way It Does

'Some of my fondest childhood memories were of my experiences at a McDonald's....'


By Bill Murphy Jr.,

Nov 5, 2019


You might know by now that McDonald's fired its chief executive officer Sunday, and tapped the former head of its U.S. operations to the top overall role.


Details about the sudden change are a bit scarce, except that outgoing CEO Steve Easterbrook was let go after a "recent consensual relationship" that "violated company policy and demonstrated poor judgment," according to the company.


I've never met the new CEO, Chris Kempczinski, but I have some empathy for his position. It's a heck of a moment to take over as the head of one of the most important U.S. companies.


Our first indication of how he plans to lead comes from the 500-word email he apparently sent to all employees just after his surprise promotion. Here's why it reads the way it does.


(I've included the entire email for reference at the end of this article.)


1. The first four words


When you take over as a leader in circumstances like these, you have two choices in your first message to the troops, so to speak:


    Acknowledge the circumstances that brought you here, and propose how to deal with them together

    Forget about the past, drive on 100 percent, and try to overcome yesterday's controversial news with tomorrow's performance.


Kempczinski is definitely pursuing the second option. The subject line of his company wide email -- which are thus the first four words that McDonald's employees will hear from him, are "Our Path Forward Together."


I'm aware that this whole email might well have been lawyered and PR'ed within an inch of its life, but it appears over Kempczinski's signature, so I'm going to attribute it to him.


I don't know how McDonald's employees will react to this, but it's 100 percent forward-looking.


2. The passion paragraphs ...


3. The truth-telling paragraphs ...