Tourist Fined, Sent Home After Trying To Bring Four Kilos Of Pork Products Through Customs



via 10 Daily (Australia) - 03 Nov 2019


A man who failed to declare pork products after touching down in Australia has bee


The fatal disease has decimated pig herds across Europe and Asia and could cost the Australian pork industry $2 billion if a local outbreak occurred.


The 60-year-old Vietnamese man had arrived in Sydney with close to four kilos of pork-filled savoury mooncakes in his luggage but failed to declare it.


Authorities fined him before he was sent home.


Nearly half of all pork products taken from air travellers have tested positive for African swine fever.


"That's why I have a zero-tolerance approach to those who intentionally do the wrong thing and lie about what they're carrying," Agriculture Minister Bridget McKenzie said on Monday.


"If pork products carrying the virus get past our border, are eaten by family and friends and the leftovers fed to pigs then we'll be in a world of pain."


The incident comes just weeks after a Vietnamese woman was deported after being found with 4.5 kilograms of pork at Sydney airport...