Klassen: Steady demand seen for all feeder cattle


By Jerry Klassen, Columnist, Canadian Cattlemen

November 5, 2019


Compared to last week, Western Canadian feeder cattle prices were relatively unchanged.  Yearlings supplies were limited in certain regions which caused buyers to shrug off fleshier characteristics in some cases; however, heavier yearlings over 950 pounds were somewhat softer. Finishing feedlots appeared to be more aggressive on heavier, vaccinated or pre-conditioned calves. Many auction barns held pre-sort sales which attracted key buyers. Pen conditions have improved in Southern Alberta and orders stretched across the prairies.


Despite the delayed corn harvest in Ontario, Eastern buyers were more active in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Western Canadian farmers are in the final stages of combining and stronger demand was also evident from backgrounding operations. Lighter weight, unweaned bawlers were noticeable stronger, trading $3 to $5 above week-ago levels in some cases. On the flip side, calves weighing 550 to 700 pounds with no vaccinations were discounted $4 to as much as $6 from average levels.


A small group of medium flesh Simmental steers weighing just under 900 pounds were quoted at $186 in Central Alberta while larger frame medium flesh heifers weighing 880 pounds were quoted at $180. Medium to larger frame lower flesh black Angus based steers weighing 825 pounds were valued at $197 in Southern Alberta.


In Southern Saskatchewan...