Oklahoma’s Fake Meat Law Shutters Rancher’s Business


Greg Henderson, Drovers

November 4, 2019


An Oklahoma law passed last spring to prevent plant-based and cell-cultured protein products from being advertised as meat caused one Oklahoma meat business to shut down temporarily.


William Payne, who along with wife Karen operates Destiny Ranch southeast of Oklahoma City that sells meat locally, says HB 392 would have shut his and 200 other Oklahoma businesses down.


Specifically, Payne told the Shawnee News-Star the bill – designed to prohibit deceptive or misleading labeling of meat products – banned the sale of beef in Oklahoma unless it is approved by the USDA.


That was a big problem for Payne’s Destiny Ranch business because, “We do not have any approved USDA plants in the state of Oklahoma for retail sale,” he said. “This particular bill put me and Karen out of business. We sell beef that’s inspected by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture — not with the USDA sticker.”


Payne said he wrote to Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and also contacted Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Secretary and Commissioner Blayne Arthur.


“I said your office no longer needs to be here because we no longer need to have inspectors in the state of Oklahoma because we cannot sell beef,” Payne said...