… The company is an investment vehicle that is taking stakes in companies pioneering alternatives to meat and fish… 



Agronomics targets the 'new reality' of meat without animals

"Agronomics is the best play to back the trend of cellular-based agriculture and clean meats."



04 Nov 2019


“No-brainer” is a phrase that comes up often when Richard Reed describes his new venture Agronomics Limited (LON:ANIC).


Reed is best known as one of the founders and driving forces behind smoothie and drinks group Innocent, which was sold to Coca-Cola five years ago for an undisclosed but reportedly substantial sum.


Now he focuses on early-stage and seed investment opportunities and AIM-listed Agronomics, where he is chairman and a sizeable shareholder, is one of his highest-profile projects.


The company is an investment vehicle that is taking stakes in companies pioneering alternatives to meat and fish.


And the way he describes it, the business does indeed sound compelling.


 ‘Cellular agriculture really represents a paradigm shift in how meat can from produced.


 “Moving away from intensively rearing livestock, that you then have to kill, to being able to grow meat cleanly without all the environmental and animal welfare consequences.”


Reed likens the change as going from analogue to digital or from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles.


Once in a generation event


These are very rare, once in a generation events, he adds.


“Anyone working within agriculture will tell you that by 2030 there won’t be the need to rear animals to kill them anymore.”


If he is right, the potential is enormous.


Trillions are spent each year through the global meat industry by consumers on what remains a sizable, regular purchase.


“Most people in the world buy meat most days and there are not many products like that.”


Consumers do it because they want something delicious to eat like a meat, says Reed.


Increasingly, though, they also ‘want it without the massive environmental consequences of the traditional way of growing meat and without the animal slaughter’.


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