Application request renewed to establish huge hog farm in Fulton County


By Joyce F. Nowell, Herald-Mail Media (MD)

Oct 31, 2019


McCONNELLSBURG, Pa. Plans for a massive hog farm in Fulton County first proposed in 2014 have been resurrected.


The reboot of Bivouac Farm on 224 acres at 15197 Great Cove Road, about six miles south of McConnellsburg in Ayr Township, is back on the table.


Country View Family Farms plans to operate a birthing facility for sows and piglets. The company operates other hog facilities in the area.


The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is considering a new water-quality-management permit application from CFC Fulton Properties LLC. DEP officials heard comments Wednesday night during a public hearing in McConnellsburg.


The permit application is used to authorize the design and construction of manure-storage facilities to allow for the operation of the facility.


Five years ago, when the farm was first proposed, it faced opposition from residents for fear of the effects of water quantity and possible contamination by waste from the facility.


The Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board granted a stay of the permit application in fall 2015 that paused the development as legal matters were resolved.


CFC informed Fulton County and township officials last spring that it again was seeking state approvals for the project.


Wednesday's hearing drew about 50 people, with 13 offering testimony.


Several speakers were out-of-town activists. Six local people spoke against the application, while three were in favor of granting the approval.


Dayton Tweedy doesn't believe the application indicates assurances that water quality is being protected or that nearby Back Cove Creek won't be contaminated.


"The project has the potential to adversely affect the watershed, as well as the health and safety of the citizens of Pennsylvania," he said.


Lorne Swope said he doesn't see any assurances in the new application that inaccuracies found in 2015 have been addressed.


"Is DEP comfortable forcing citizens to compete with corporations for their drinking water?," he asked.


James Hedges is concerned about the possible impact on local water resources, including fishing, and damaging the tourist industry.


"We consider this proposed project to have extreme environmental impact and risk of catastrophe," said Majorie Hudson, who called the application incomplete and inaccurate.


Jack Hendricks is concerned about the risk of contamination...