CDC lifts warning to avoid pig ear dog treats after previous salmonella outbreak in 34 states



Oct 31, 2019


After a salmonella outbreak involving certain pig ear dog treats infected more than 150 people in 34 states earlier this year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is saying the outbreak appears to be over.


The CDC issued a final update Wednesday to lift a warning for pet owners to avoid buying or feeding pig ear dog treats to pets over fears they could be contaminated with salmonella.


Several companies issued recalls earlier this year over multidrug-resistant salmonella outbreaks linked to pig ear dog treats. That recall is still in effect, and the CDC urges pet owners to discard or return those treats to where they were purchased.


There were 154 people who were infected with Salmonella in 34 states, and 35 of those people were hospitalized, according to the CDC. There were 27 children younger than 5 years old who were affected.


No one died during the outbreak.


The CDC recommends...